Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Graduate Exam Abstract

Luoyang Fang
Ph.D. Final
Jun 10, 2019, 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
ECE Conference Room C101B
Data Mining and Spatiotemporal Modeling in Mobile Big Data
Abstract: Modern mobile network technologies
and smartphones have successfully
penetrated nearly every aspect of
human life, due to the increasing
number of mobile applications and
services. Massive mobile data
generated by mobile networks,
including timestamp and location
information of users, have been
frequently collected. Mobile data
analytics has gained remarkable
attention from various research
communities and industries since it can
largely reveal the human
spatiotemporal mobility patterns from
the individual level to an aggregated
one. Upon previous preliminary exam,
the data mining of both the individual-
level and aggregate-level
spatiotemporal modeling will be
extended and discussed in this final

First, we discuss the scalability issue of
location privacy with respect to user re-
identifiability between two mobile
datasets merely based on their
spatiotemporal traces from the
perspective of a privacy adversary,
which is aimed to reduce the
computational complexity of the
proposed ensemble framework from
O(N^3) to sublinear. Next, we finalize
the aggregated spatiotemporal traffic
demand forecasting problem across
the entire mobile network and study a
novel demand forecasting application
in mobile networks, per-cell idle time
window (ITW) prediction, formulated
as a regression problem with an ITW
presence confidence index that
facilitates direct ITW detection and
estimation. To predict the ITW, a deep-
learning-based ITW prediction model is
proposed, consisting of a
representation learning network and an
output network. A novel temporal
graph convolutional network (TGCN)
implementing representation learning
network is also proposed to effectively
capture the graph-based
spatiotemporal input features.
Adviser: Liuqing Yang
Co-Adviser: N/A
Non-ECE Member: Haonan Wang, STAT
Member 3: J. Rockey Luo, ECE
Addional Members: Anura P Jayasumana, ECE
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Program of Study:
CS 545
ECE 514
ECE 516
ECE 520
ECE 565
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ECE 580A6
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