Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Graduate Exam Abstract

Leyda Leon
Ph.D. Qualifying
Oct 25, 2007, 1:00PM
Engineering E105
Abstract: This is a qualifying exam
Adviser: Dr. V.N. Bringi
Non-ECE Member: Dr. Steve Rutledge
Member 3: Dr. V Chandrasekar
Addional Members:

Publications to be Reviewed:
Correction of Radar Reflectivity and Differential Reflectivity for Rain Attenuation at X Band. Part II: Evaluation and Application S.-G. Park, M. Maki, K. Iwanami, V. N. Bringi, and V. Chandrasekar /Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology/ Volume 22, Issue 11 (November 2005) pp. 1633–1655

Attenuation Correction in Dual-Wavelength Analyses John D. Tuttle and Ronald E. Rinehart /Journal of Applied Meteorology/ Volume 22, Issue 11 (November 1983) pp. 1914–1921

Program of Study: