Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Graduate Exam Abstract

Abstract: This dissertation is broken up into three parts: (I) generating high-quality ultrafast pulses
around 1060 nm, (II) using the pulses from part (I) to generate pulses around 1300 nm, and
(III) analyzing newly developed experimental theories and methods utilizing these pulses for
linear and nonlinear microscopy. The majority of the work in this dissertation is
choreographing the dance between nonlinear spectral broadening in optical fiber and the
associated complexity in accumulated spectral phase. We have developed and employed
several systems which manage to accomplish this task quite elegantly due to our
technological contributions, producing high-quality pulses with high oscillator-type pulse
energies both at 1060 and 1250 nm. In addition to developing some theory and techniques
extending current types of nonlinear microscopy, we have as a capstone an experimental
microscope cascading several of our primary source and application technologies to conduct
an entirely new form of spectroscopic absorption imaging.
Adviser: Randy Bartels
Co-Adviser: n/a
Non-ECE Member: Amber Krummel
Member 3: Diego Krapf
Addional Members: Mario Marconi
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Program of Study:
BC 512
BC 565
CHEM 773
ECE 503
ECE 504
ECE 604
ECE 642
MATH 545