Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Graduate Exam Abstract

Scott Domingue
Ph.D. Preliminary
Nov 18, 2013, 11:00 a.m.
Scott Engineering Building, Room 257
Ultrafast Sources for Nonlinear Spectroscopy
Abstract: We have developed an extensive suite of tools to
broaden the application range of near-IR ultrafast
laser sources, including all normal dispersion
supercontinuum generation, a master oscillator power
amplifier, and a high speed pump-probe delay
scanner. Our primary goal for the development of
these methods and techniques was to enable a series
of coherent Raman experiments, where we have the
capability to explore the sensitivity of different
excitation schemes: impulsive excitation, vibration
specific excitation, and spontaneous Raman
scattering, in addition to a similarly varied set of
detection methods. We will also seek to employ these
techniques of nonlinear fiber interactions to other
ultrafast laser platforms. Specifically, we will
suitably alter the power spectrum of an Er-doped
ultrafast fiber laser to perform new vibrational
overtone experiments.
Adviser: Randy Bartels
Co-Adviser: n/a
Non-ECE Member: Amber Krummel
Member 3: Mario Marconi
Addional Members: Diego Krapf
Domingue, Scott R., and Randy A. Bartels. "Overcoming temporal polarization instabilities from the latent birefringence in all-normal dispersion, wave-breaking-extended nonlinear fiber supercontinuum generation." Optics express 21, no. 11 (2013): 13305-13321.

Berrill, Mark, David Alessi, Yong Wang, Scott R. Domingue, Dale H. Martz, Brad M. Luther, Yanwei Liu, and Jorge J. Rocca. "Improved beam characteristics of solid-target soft x-ray laser amplifiers by injection seeding with high harmonic pulses." Optics letters 35, no. 14 (2010): 2317-2319.

Meng, L. M., D. Alessi, O. Guilbaud, Y. Wang, M. Berrill, B. M. Luther, S. R. Domingue et al. "Temporal coherence and spectral linewidth of an injection-seeded transient collisional soft x-ray laser." Optics Express 19, no. 13 (2011).
Program of Study:
ECE 503
ECE 504
ECE 506
ECE 580A3
ECE 604
ECE 641
MATH 450
MATH 545