Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Graduate Exam Abstract

Shirish Bahirat
Ph.D. Preliminary
Oct 11, 2012, 2:30 to 3:30 PM
Engineering D102
Design and Synthesis of Hybrid Nanophotonic Network-On-Chip Architectures
Abstract: Networks on Chip (NoCs) have emerged as scalable
communication fabrics that can support high
bandwidths massively parallel multi-core systems.
However, traditional electrical NoC
implementations still need to overcome the
challenges of high data transfer latencies and
large power consumption. On-chip photonic
interconnects with high performance-per-watt
characteristics have recently been proposed as an
alternative to address these challenges for intra-
chip communication. However, with increasing
embedded application complexity, hardware
dependencies, and performance variability,
optimizing hybrid nanophotonic-electric NoCs
requires traversing a massive design space. No
prior work has addressed this problem to the best
of our knowledge. We present the first effort in
this direction for design and synthesis of hybrid
nanophotonic network-on-chip architectures.
Adviser: Dr. Sudeep Pasricha
Co-Adviser: NA
Non-ECE Member: Dr. Wim Bohm
Member 3: Dr. Tom Chen, Dr. HJ Siegel
Addional Members: NA

Shirish Bahirat, Sudeep Pasricha: UC-PHOTON: A novel hybrid photonic network-on-chip for multiple use-case applications. ISQED 2010

Bobby Dalton Young, Jonathan Apodaca, Luis Diego Briceno, Jay Smith, Sudeep Pasricha, Anthony A. Maciejewski, Howard Jay Siegel, Bhavesh Khemka, Shirish Bahirat, Adrian Ramirez, Yong Zou: Energy-Constrained Dynamic Resource Allocation in a Heterogeneous Computing Environment. ICPP Workshops 2011: 298-307

Sudeep Pasricha, Shirish Bahirat: OPAL: A multi-layer hybrid photonic NoC for 3D ICs. ASP-DAC 2011: 345-350

Jonathan Apodaca, Bobby Dalton Young, Luis Diego Briceno, Jay Smith, Sudeep Pasricha, Anthony A. Maciejewski, Howard Jay Siegel, Shirish Bahirat, Bhavesh Khemka, Adrian Ramirez, Yong Zou: Stochastically robust static resource allocation for energy minimization with a makespan constraint in a heterogeneous computing environment. AICCSA 2011: 22-31

Shirish Bahirat, Sudeep Pasricha: A Particle Swarm Optimization approach for synthesizing application-specific hybrid photonic networks-on-chip. ISQED 2012: 78-83

Shirish Bahirat, Sudeep Pasricha: Exploring hybrid photonic networks-on-chip for emerging chip multiprocessors. CODES+ISSS 2009: 129-136

Program of Study:
ECE 670C
ECE 658
ECE 561
CS 575