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Graduate Exam Abstract

Arthur Santos
M.S. Final
Jul 03, 2020, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Online (Zoom) -
Device Characterization on Energy Design and Scoping Tool for DC Distribution Systems and a Study on Harmonics in AC/DC Converters in Low Voltage Distribution
Abstract: DC appliances have resurged with the evolution of power electronics and their massive application in Miscellaneous Electric Loads. The increase of DC distributed generation
and battery storage has also helped boost the scientific community’s attention to this other alternative. This work collects consumption data from appliances and converters connected to an AC distribution. The appliances that are focused on in this study are called Miscellaneous Electric Loads (MELs), which comprise all electronic loads in a building that are not related to lighting, heating, and air conditioning. The harmonics of these devices are analyzed in this paper as part of a relevant project funded by the
Department of Energy of the United States: the Energy Design and Scoping Tool for DC Distribution Systems.
This work also presents results from another study, still within the scope of the same project, which aims to collect power consumption data on appliances commonly found in an office environment (laptop, screens, desktops, phone chargers and network devices) over a period of approximately two months. This data will give a real estimate of these appliances’ AC/DC converter operating range regarding their rated power, and will allow a more complete analysis of the emission of harmonics in the power system and a comparison of harmonic cancellation in low voltage distribution systems versus the total cancellation potential.
Adviser: Dr. Peter Young
Co-Adviser: N/A
Non-ECE Member: Daniel Zimmerle, Mechanical Engineering
Member 3: Dr. Siddharth Suryanarayanan, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Addional Members: N/A
1. Arthur Felicio B Santos, Gerald P Duggan, Christopher D Lute, and Daniel J Zimmerle. An efficiency comparison study for small appliances operating in dc and ac in minigrids. In 2018 IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC), pages 1–2. IEEE, 2018.

2. Arthur Santos, James Cale, Avpreet Singh, et al. Comparison of load models for estimating electrical efficiency in dc microgrids. The 3rd IEEE International Conference on DC Microgrids, 2019.

3. Zimmerle, Daniel, Arthur Felicio B. Santos, and Gerald P. Duggan. "DC Approximate Models for Modeling Minigrid Systems." 2018 IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC). IEEE, 2018.
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