Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Graduate Exam Abstract

Dale Martz
Ph.D. Final
Dec 17, 2010, 10:00am
Engineering B101
Abstract: This PHD defense describes the design, construction and characterization of a high energy Titanium-Sapphire laser system for the excitation of Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) lasers. EUV lasers have the potential to make possible a variety of new studies of surfaces and materials, and enable the development of unique metrology and processing tools for industry. Specifically the components developed to realize high energy operation as well as the development of a Nd:Glass zig-zag slab pump laser are discussed including results from new novel 800 nm multi-layer dielectric diffraction gratings for picosecond compression. Results from operation of the laser system with three different EUV lasers is presented including characterization of seeded operation of a EUV laser operating at 13.9 nm and an actinic imaging application capable of characterizing pattern and defect printability in extreme ultraviolet lithography masks with the Ni-like Cd laser operating at 13.2 nm.
Adviser: Jorge Rocca
Co-Adviser: N/A
Non-ECE Member: Siu Au Lee
Member 3: Mario Marconi
Addional Members: Carmen Menoni
L.M. Meng, D. Aless, O. Guilbaud, Y. Wang, M. Berrill, B.M. Luther, S.R. Domingue, D.H. Martz, D. Joyeux, S. De Rossi, J.J. Rocca , and A. Klisnick, “Temporal coherence and spectral linewidth of an injection-seeded transient collisional soft x-ray laser,” Optics Letters Submitted (2010) F. Brizuela, S. Carbajo, A. Sakdinawat, D. Alessi, D. H. Martz, Y. Wang, B. Luther, K. A. Goldberg, I. Mochi, D. T. Attwood, B. La Fontaine, J. J. Rocca, and C. S. Menoni, “Extreme ultraviolet laser-based table-top aerial image metrology of lithographic masks,” Optics Express 18, 14467–14473 (2010) D. H. Martz, D. Alessi, B. M. Luther, Y. Wang, , D. Kemp, M. Berrill and J.J. Rocca, “High Energy 13.9 nm Table-top Soft X-ray Laser at 2.5 Hz Repetition Rate Excited by a Slab-pumped Ti:sapphire Laser,” Optics Letters 35, 1632 (2010) M. Berrill, D. Alessi, Y. Wang, S. R. Domingue, D. H. Martz, B. M. Luther, Y. Liu and J. J. Rocca, “Improved beam characteristics of solid-target soft x-ray laser amplifiers by injection-seeding with high harmonics,” Optics Letters 35, 2317-2319 (2010) D. Alessi, D. H. Martz, Y. Wang, M. Berrill, B. M. Luther, and J. J. Rocca, "Gain-saturated 10.9 nm tabletop laser operating at 1 Hz repetition rate," Optics Letters 35, 414 (2010). D. H. Martz, H. T. Nguyen, D. Patel, J. A. Britten, D. Alessi, E. Krous, Y. Wang, M. A. Larotonda, J. George, B. Knollenberg, B. M. Luther, J. J. Rocca, and C. S. Menoni, "Large area high efficiency broad bandwidth 800 nm dielectric gratings for high energy laser pulse compression," Opt. Express 17, 23809-23816, (2009). C.A. Brewer, F. Brizuela, P. Wachulak, D. H. Martz, W. Chao, E.H. Anderson, D.T. Attwood, A.V. Vinogradov, I.A. Artyukov, A.G. Ponomareko, V.V. Kondratenko, M.C. Marconi, J.J. Rocca, and C.S. Menoni, “Single shot extreme ultraviolet laser imaging of nanostructures with wavelength resolution,” Optics Letters 33, 518, (2008). P. Wachulak, M. Grisham, S. Heinbuch, D. Martz, W. Rockward, D. Hill, J.J Rocca, C.S. Menoni, E. Anderson, and M. Marconi, “Interferometric lithography with an amplitude division interferometer and a desktop extreme ultraviolet laser,” J. Opt. Soc. Am. B, 25, B104, (2008). S. Heinbuch, M. Grisham, D. Martz, and J.J. Rocca, “Demonstration of a desk-top size high repetition rate soft x-ray laser,” Optics Express 13, 4050, (2005).
Program of Study:
ECE 641
ECE 642
ECE 795
ECE 580
ECE 680
ECE 777
GSTR 600
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