Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Graduate Exam Abstract

Abstract: Advancement in extreme ultraviolet lithography
(EUVL) requires the development of defect
inspection tools capable of imaging printable
amplitude and phase defects on EUV reticles on-
site. The masks’ resonant-reflective multilayer
coatings and wavelength-specific response call for
at-wavelength inspection. I will present the
demonstration of a table-top zone plate microscope
that captures broad area images of periodic
objects with a spatial resolution of 55 nm, using
the same numerical aperture and illumination angle
of a 4× EUV stepper. This microscope combines the
output of a 13.2 nm wavelength table-top Ni-like
Cd laser with state-for-art Fresnel zone plates to
acquire high quality images with exposure times of
less than 90 sec. These results open the path for
the realization of convenient stand-alone
metrology systems for on-site evaluation of EUVL
Adviser: Carmen Menoni
Co-Adviser: Jorge Rocca
Non-ECE Member: Stephen Lundeen, Physics
Member 3: Mario Marconi, ECE
Addional Members: N/A
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