Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Graduate Exam Abstract

Leonid Tolstoy
Ph.D. Qualifying
Nov 19, 2008, 3 pm
Abstract: This is a qualifying exam.
Adviser: Dr. Viswanathan N Bringi
Co-Adviser: Dr. V. Chandrasekar
Non-ECE Member: Dr. Christian D Kummerow (Atmospheric Science)
Member 3: Dr. Branislav Notaros
Addional Members: n/a

Publications to be Reviewed:
Kim, D-S, M. Maki ,Dong-In Lee, 2008: "Correction of X-band reflectivity and differential reflectivity for rain attenuation using differential phase". Atmospheric Research, Vol 90 (2008), pp. 1–9

Hogan, R., 2007: "A Variational Scheme for Retrieving Rainfall Rate and Hail Reflectivity Fraction from Polarization Radar" Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, Volume 46, Issue 10, pp. 1544–1564

Program of Study: