Secure a Faculty Advisor

Menoni Explaining Research Experiment to Students


In order to pursue an M.S. Thesis (Plan A), M.S. Project (Plan B), or Ph.D., students must secure a faculty advisor prior to admission.

Securing an advisor:

  • Determine your area of interest.
  • Identify which faculty member best aligns with your research interests.
  • Contact the faculty member(s) of your choice to gauge their interest in serving as your advisor and mentor; be prepared to discuss your academic background and research interests.
  • Once secured, be sure to include your faculty advisor's name with your admissions materials.

Important Notes:

  • Securing an advisor does not automatically mean that funding is provided. A faculty member may elect to serve as an advisor and not provide financial support.
  • M.S. coursework only and M.E. students do not need to secure an advisor prior to admission.