Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering


Dollar Thresholds

Dollar Thresholds by Funding Source, including Federal Uniform Guidance

Purchase Requests

Requires login; Campus/VPN access only

Purchasing Manual

Policies and procedures used to obtain goods and services for Colorado State University

Documentation needed:

  1. Purchase Request Form
  2. Quote
  3. Capital Equipment Supplemental Form (if applicable, see below)


  • Quotes must include only those item(s) selected for purchase and shipping charges
  • Requests over $10,000 will be sent to Procurement Services for determination of the most appropriate procurement method to be used
  • Capital Equipment Supplement form is required when purchasing a single item over $5000, combined multiple items creating one system over $5000, or software with a total cost over $5,000 with a useful life of more than one year

Payment/Reimbursement Requests

Documentation needed:

  1. Payment-Reimbursement Request Form
  2. Invoice (payment request)
    Receipt that shows proof of payment (reimbursement request)
  3. Official Function Form if necessary; purchases involving food, beverages, event costs, recruiting of faculty or students, training, promotion or development activities.

Official functions must produce a primary benefit to the University and all costs must be reasonable and necessary. Common reasons for having an official function include:

    • Extending contact to include normal mealtimes.
    • Creating an atmosphere necessary to attain the goal.
    • Encouraging event participation to attain the goal.
    • Enhancing social interactions to build community.
    • Rewarding outstanding performance.
    • Providing a forum to raise awareness of an issue.
    • Providing an opportunity to welcome visitors.


  • Send the above documentation directly to
  • Used to request payment for orders placed and invoiced that do not have a purchase order or for reimbursement of expenses incurred

  • Used for off-campus vendors, payments to individuals (employees or non-employees), and internal orders

  • Do not use this form for travel related expenses
  • Do not use this form for quotes (i.e. purchase orders)

Internal Order Request

  • Preferred method for purchasing goods, services, materials, or labor from campus service centers
  • Campus Services vendors only

Documentation needed:

  1. Payment/Reimbursement Request Form
  2. Invoice

Transportation Services Request

Documentation needed:

  • Destination
  • Dates of travel
  • Number of days
  • Vehicle type
  • Estimated total mileage
  • Account number
  • Purpose/benefit


Purchasing Contacts

Karen Mueller
Complex Procurements
(970) 491-0742
Jan Lee Cordova
Purchasing Support
(970) 491-7596