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Effective July 1, 2023, CSU has increased the commitment voucher threshold from $5,000 to $10,000.  EBO can now process payment via check or ACH up to $10,000 for goods and/or services already rendered.

A purchase order or University contract executed by the Controller is still required for all purchases greater than $10,000.00.  If a signature is required, or if there is a chance your purchase will exceed $10,000, please err on the side of caution and follow the purchase request procedure below.

Purchase Requests

Requires ENGR credentials;
VPN access only

Required prior to any purchase $10,000 or greater. 
A quote is required.

A purchase order (PO) formalizes transactions by providing clarity and legal protection. It ensures that goods and services are acquired efficiently, within budget, and in compliance with established policies and procedures.

A quote is required to request a PO, and it should include:

  • Vendor contact info, including the name of the person providing the quote (if possible)
  • Terms of sale (e.g., net 30) and terms of shipping (e.g. FOB Destination)
  • Complete pricing information. Include any discounts offered.

All written agreements requiring the University’s signature MUST be processed by Procurement Services, regardless of dollar amount.


Dollar Thresholds

  • Automatic Purchase Order (APO) Up to $10k

    Delegated authority by Procurement Services for EBO to process purchase orders on behalf of WSCOE. Purchases on Federal awards must be distributed among qualified suppliers, if practicable and the price is reasonable.

  • Purchasing Agent Discretion $10k-$50k

    A minimum of two written quotes must be obtained and the purchase decision is made by a CSU Purchasing Agent on the basis of price and best value, specifications and other terms being met. Purchases on Federal awards will be reviewed for price reasonableness.

  • Documented Quote (DQ) $50k-$500k

    A DQ will be prepared, advertised, evaluated and awarded in accordance with Section V.F. of the Colorado State University Procurement Rules. An award to a vendor other than the low bidder requires approval from the Director of Procurement Services.

  • Invitation for Bid (IFB)/Request for Proposal (RFP) >$500k

    An IFB or RFP will be prepared, advertised, evaluated and awarded in accordance with Section V.G. of the Colorado State University Procurement Rules.

Capital Equipment

The Capital Equipment Supplement form is required when:

  1. Purchasing a single item over $5,000 (federal)/$10,000 (non-federal) or;
  2. Combined multiple items creating one system over $5,000 (non-federal)/$10,000 (federal) or;
  3. Software with a total cost over $5,000 (non-federal)/$10,000 (federal) with a useful life of more than one year

Open Purchase Order

When the purchase of same or similar items from a vendor is anticipated over the course of a fiscal year, an Open Purchase Order may be used. Such order should generally identify the type of item, start and end dates, single order limit, maximum dollar amount and individuals authorized to place orders against the Open PO.

Payment Requests

Used to request payment for invoices that do not have a purchase order or for reimbursement of expenses incurred.

Not for purchases over $10,000 or for travel expenses.
An invoice or receipt is required.

EBO is delegated the use of the Disbursement Voucher (DV) for payment of invoices totaling $10,000 and less and when a PO or University contract is not required.

A DV documents and authorizes the payment of expenses and ensures necessary approvals such that financial transactions are controlled and properly recorded.

The DV cannot be used in lieu of a contract or purchase order when one is required. 

Official Functions

The Official Function Form is necessary for all purchases involving food, beverages, event costs, recruiting of faculty or students, training, promotion or development activities.

Official functions must produce a primary benefit to the University and all costs must be reasonable and necessary. 

Common reasons for having an official function include:

    • Extending contact to include normal mealtimes
    • Creating an atmosphere necessary to attain the goal
    • Encouraging event participation to attain the goal
    • Enhancing social interactions to build community
    • Rewarding outstanding performance
    • Providing a forum to raise awareness of an issue
    • Providing an opportunity to welcome visitors
Buying A Computer?

Engineering Technology Services should be consulted prior to all computer purchases.

Contact ETS

Transportation Services IO Request

CSU’s Transportation Services offers motor pool vehicles for rent. An overview of the program is available here.

CSU Vehicle Rental Rates

An electronic internal order (IO) number must accompany all reservations. Submit the form below to request an IO number. Once received, complete your reservation with Transportation Services here.

EBO Purchasing Contacts
Karen Mueller
Purchasing Operations Coordinator
Lana Carroll
Purchasing Support