Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering


Prior to departure

Requires login; Campus/VPN access only

  1. Provide all anticipated expenses on the authorization form
    • Estimate cost as closely as possible
    • When in doubt, it is best to estimate high
  2. Contact one of the CSU Approved Travel Agencies listed below
    • Inform the travel agent that you are working with the Engineering Business Office and that you need to book a flight
    • The travel agent will send your itinerary to EBO for processing
  3. Make your own lodging reservation, you will be reimbursed after your trip
  4. If you require a rental vehicle, please contact one of the CSU Approved Rental Car Agencies
    • You must provide the discount code that is associated with the agency when making your reservation (see below)
  5. You will be reimbursed for your incurred travel expenses through the travel reimbursement process when you return
    • Please keep all original receipts
    • P-Cards may never be used for travel expenses (exception for conference registration)


Frequent travelers should apply for a State Travel Card. For more information, please contact Joe Fattor, Business Operations Manager, at

Upon return

Requires login; Campus/VPN access only

  1. All expenses require a receipt for reimbursement
    • Lodging and vehicle rental receipts must be original and show proof of payment or a zero dollar balance.
  2. For group travel, all meal receipts will be required
  3. Please upload all receipts to reimbursement request.

State Approved Travel Agencies

New Horizons Travel

300 E. Boardwalk Dr.
Fort Collins, CO 80525

(970) 223-7400
(800) 864-4364


3538 JFK Parkway, Suite 2
Fort Collins, CO 80525

(970) 223-0442
(800) 255-0808

Travel Society

Jenny Bacon
201 South Whitcomb Street
Fort Collins, CO 80521

(970) 222-5108

State Approved Rental Car Agencies

Discount Code (for CDW/LDW and auto liability insurance)

hertz logo


Enterprise-National logo


Travel Contacts

Ashley Schumann
Travel Support
On maternity leave through April 3, 2023
Jessy Tuma
Travel Support
(970) 491-6761
Jan Lee Cordova
Travel Support
(970) 491-6761