Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering



Requires ENGR credentials; VPN access only

Travel charged to the University, regardless of the funding source, shall be for the benefit of the University and shall be completed using the most economical means available.​

Airfare must be booked through a CSU approved Travel Agency 

  1. Contact a travel agency below and request your preferred itinerary
  2. Inform the travel agent that you are working with the Engineering Business Office
  3. The travel agent will send your itinerary to EBO for booking
  4. EBO will book your flight when both your pre-trip request and itinerary is received.

Vehicle rental must be booked through a State approved Rental Agency

  1. Provide the respective discount code when making your reservation to ensure liability insurance coverage (see below)
  2. Elect insurance according to this matrix. Off-road usage is NEVER covered by any insurance.

Personal Travel

Personal travel not be combined with business travel unless unavoidable. Only the business-related cost of travel will be reimbursed. Contact for guidance.

Non-Employee or Guest Travel

A traveler profile is required for all for non-employees or guests traveling on behalf of CSU.
The traveler profile form must be emailed to prior to departure.

No-Cost Travel

If out-of-state/international travel is involved, the traveler must request travel authorization regardless of who is paying for the trip.

CSU Travel Card

Frequent travelers should apply for a State Travel Card. For more information, please contact Joe Fattor, Business Operations Manager, at


Requires ENGR credentials; VPN access only

Proof of all payments must be attached to your request in PDF.

Proof of Payment

Itemized receipts indicating proof of payment are required for the following expenses: 

    1. Lodging
    2. Rental Car
    3. Fuel
    4. Registration
    5. Supply or service expenses incurred while traveling
    6. Internet airline ticket charges/Airline change fees
    7. Meals (if claimed in lieu of per diem)
    8. All other expenses over $25.00

Per Diem or Meal Expenses

Per diem is intended to cover meal and incidental expenses (based on the State Controller approved rate for the destination).

  • Travelers are allowed 75% of the applicable per diem rate on the first and last day of travel no matter what time the travel begins or ends.
  • Per diem is reduced respectively when meals are provided to the traveler at no-cost.
  • Day trips (single day travel) are not eligible for per diem meal reimbursements.

Meal reimbursements are allowed for the actual cost of meals up to the maximum allowable per diem rate (group meals excluded).


Reimbursement for mileage driven in a personal vehicle is based on rates established by the State of Colorado. Mileage allowances are intended to cover all operational expenses including fuel, maintenance, and insurance.

To claim mileage, provide a mileage log or map (Google, MapQuest, Waze, etc.) showing the total number of miles driven. The 4WD mileage rate can only be claimed if 4WD is required due to weather or off road travel.

Per IRS regulations all employee travel reimbursements must be submitted within 60 days of the trip end date. Reimbursements must be approved by the employee in Kuali within 60 days of the listed end date. If approval is not complete within 60 days the reimbursement will be considered taxable to the employee traveler.

CSU Approved Travel Agencies

(970) 223-7403
(800) 864-4364

(970) 223-0442
(800) 255-0808

Jenny Bacon
(970) 222-5108

State Approved Rental Agencies

The below discount codes must be used to ensure liability insurance coverage. Elect the appropriate collision and loss insurance according to this matrix.

Off-road usage is NEVER covered by any insurance.



EBO Travel Contacts
Jessy Tuma
Travel Operations Coordinator
Kenzie Kurtz
Travel Support