Advanced Manufacturing

Much of the hope of revitalizing the US economy rests on the ability to breathe new life into the manufacturing sector by developing and transferring innovative manufacturing approaches to production environments.  Global economic competitiveness relies on an ability to produce goods that are in demand at a higher quality and lower cost than can be obtained elsewhere in the World.

Advanced Manufacturing can be defined in a number of ways, but one common definition bases advanced manufacturing in the innovation in, and application of advanced materials and processes.  It is in this area of advanced materials and process development that Mechanical Engineering at CSU performs research related to Advanced Manufacturing.  Specific areas of research include the understanding of mechanisms responsible for the development of residual stresses during the processing of fiber reinforced composites, the development and refinement of advanced thin film deposition to better understand the effects of process variables on material performance, and the investigation of uses of plasmas in material modification and processing, including such processes as thin film deposition, micro/nano scale texturizations, self-organized patterning, and ion implantation.  In addition to these advanced materials and process-related research activities, faculty are also involved in the control and simulation of manufacturing processes.