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Welcome To CSU ASME!

Come be a part of the best part of Colorado State University’s Mechanical Engineering Department. Meet other students that are taking (or have taken) the same classes as you and others to earn their Bachelor’s. Learn from the experiences of your upper classmates and learn the ropes and new tricks to improve yourself professionally and academically.

What can ASME do for me?

ASME will help you become a professional and be ready for the world once you’ve graduated from CSU. We help you prepare for what’s “real” in the real world in whatever industry you choose to follow.

Does it matter if I’m an ME, CE, EE, BME or another type of engineer to be a part of ASME? What if I’m not an engineer? Does that exclude me from ASME?


We help everyone equally with whatever life throws at you. Even if you’re not an engineer, we are here to help you get ready for surviving in this world of ours regardless of one’s field of experience or study.

How do I get connected?

Our weekly meetings are Monday’s at 5:00 pm in Engineering room 5 (SW corner in the basement). People are often in the room between classes as well, so stop by if you want to be involved!

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If you’re not sure who to contact or have general questions, you can send an email to the general ASME account: asme.colostate@gmail.com