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CSU Advising


Guided by CSU’s Principles of Community and the Land-Grant mission of access and equity, we achieve our vision through an integrated community of advisors who engage in intentional, holistic, and relationship centered interactions to empower all students to navigate their unique paths and foster learning, development and academic success.

Mechanical Engineering Advising


The Department of Mechanical Engineering Advising Syllabus communicates the expectations of what you will learn and be able to accomplish as the result of a collaborative relationship between you and your advisor. Use this syllabus as both a guide for connecting with your advisor and resource to support you in achieving your goals.

Student Learning


The Advising Relationship

Advisor and Student Expectations







Advisors are available via email to answer questions. Advisors use CSU email accounts as the primary means of contacting students. If you use another email, you should forward all your CSU mail to the account you check regularly.

Advising Appointment


Meeting With Your Advisor

We are here to support you as you pursue your goals. ​

How to


There are multiple ways to connect with your advisor. See below to determine the appropriate option for your needs.  Due to advising capacity, we are only able to meet with declared Mechanical Engineering majors.  You can find more information on changing your major to MECH  here.  Until you have changed your major, you should work with your current advisor or Exploratory Studies.

Extended Drop-Ins

We offer Drop-Ins with extended hours the first week of classes (January 16 – January 19) to address any concerns or changes needed to your current schedule only.  We also offer Extended Drop-Ins the day of and after semester grade postings (May 15 and 16).

Learn how to attend your advisor’s extended drop-ins here

Use regular drop-ins to meet with an advisor without an appointment outside of extended drop-ins times.


Monday, January 22 – Friday, May 10*

This is a time for Mechanical Engineering students to get “quick questions,” no more than 10 minutes, answered by an advisor. Topics appropriate for drop-ins include overrides, forms, needing signatures, and other “quick questions.” No appointment needed.  There are no Drop Ins when the university is closed or during breaks.  Occasionally we must cancel Drop-Ins or can only offer them virtually without notice, we appreciate your understanding.

  • Mondays:  10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. MT
  • Tuesdays: 1:30 p.m. – 2:30 p.m. MT
  • Wednesdays: 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. MT
  • Thursdays: 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. MT
  • Fridays: 9:30 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. MT

*Note: Drop-Ins will be virtual only during Finals Week (May 6 – 10)

Unless otherwise noted, Drop-Ins can be accessed in-person or virtually.  In-person Drop-Ins occur in the Mechanical Engineering Office (Engineering A101).  To access Drop-Ins virtually, during a scheduled time, submit this form, and wait until an advisor calls you via Microsoft Teams.  You must be logged into MS Teams with your CSU account for an advisor to call you.  Be sure to download and test Microsoft Teams prior to submitting the form.

Scheduled Advising


Once a semester you are required to meet with your advisor for a 30-minute, scheduled meeting. Discuss your educational experience, such as next semester scheduling, graduation plans, internships, getting involved on campus and education abroad.  There are three types of scheduled advising appointments.  Be courteous of time.  Late arrivals may be required to reschedule.  If you need to miss your appointment, email your advisor immediately to cancel.

Students have the option of choosing an in-person or virtual advising appointment. When scheduling an advising appointment, it is important that you check your appointment confirmation email to verify your advising format.

Advising Appointment Format

If you selected an in-person meeting:

Please arrive to the Mechanical Engineering Department Office (Engineering Building A101) at least 5 minutes early for your appointment.  When you arrive, you will check in using a QR code via your mobile device or the front desk.  Once you have checked-in, have a seat in the main office lobby until your advisor comes out to get you.

If you scheduled an in person advising appointment but are feeling sick, you must change to a virtual advising appointment. To do so, please click this link.

If you selected a virtual (MS Teams/Zoom/Other) meeting:

Be sure to download and test Microsoft Teams prior to your appointment.  I recommend you utilize a device with a large enough screen that will facilitate screen sharing (a cell phone will work but is not optimal).  At your appointment time, use the personal meeting link provided in your confirmation email to join your scheduled appointment. 

Your advisor may be finishing up another meeting, so you may need to wait a few minutes in the virtual lobby. Please be patient as you wait for your turn. If you have waited at least 5 minutes and are concerned that you have not heard from an advisor:  

  1. Double check that you have the correct day and time for your scheduled appointment 

  2. Check with/call the MECH Front Desk for an update. 

The personal meeting link will not function when you do not have a scheduled appointmentIf you need assistance outside a scheduled meeting, use Drop-Ins or email your advisor. 

Early Advising Appointments

Monday, January 22 – Monday, February 12

A link to schedule an appointment is sent out to all students to meet early in the semester and get a head start on planning.  Appointments during early advising are first-come, first-serve. 

Dates for Advising Appointments by Registration Access Time

You will get a personalized scheduling link from your advisor in your CSU email a few days before the start of your Advising Appointment window as determined by registration access time and class standing:

Senior/Priority/Junior Advising Appointments: Monday, February 12 – Monday, March 4

Sophomore/ First-Year Advising Appointments: Monday, March 4 – Monday, April 15

Late Advising Appointments

If you fail to schedule during Early Advising or during your Advising Appointments by Registration Access Time window, you will have to wait to have a late advising appointment.  This may impact your ability to register on time. A link to schedule a Late Advising Appointment will be sent out to impacted students. 

Registration Guide

Please contact your advisor to schedule an appointment regarding semester schedule and graduation planning, advising codes, and strategies for academic success. 

Check-in using the front desk kiosk by entering your CSU ID number or swiping your RamCard. Your advisor will meet you in the waiting area. Drop-ins are brief 10-minute-maximum meetings to ask questions and obtain signatures, overrides, and forms. If your assigned advisor is not available for a general question, please see another advisor.

M: 10:30-11:30 
TU: 1:30-2:30 pm
W: 3:00-4:00 pm
TH: 10:30-11:30 am
FRI: 9:30-10:30 am

Semester Planning Appointment

Your assigned academic advisor will send an email to your with a link to his/her calendar to schedule your semester planning appointment.

Calendar Link Email
FEB 6: Priority Students and Seniors
FEB 17: Juniors
MAR: 4 Sophomores
MAR 25: First-Year Students

Your planning appointment needs to occur ahead of your scheduled registration access date.

Registration Access Dates
APR 6: Priority Students
APR 7: Seniors
APR 10: Juniors
APR 17: Sophomores
APR 23: First-Year Students

Your access time is available through RAMweb.

Before your semester planning appointment, please review your Degree Process Audit, which is a tool for verifying that students have met or are in the process of meeting the All-University Core Curriculum (AUCCs) as well as major and minor curriculum requirements. The audit enhances degree and program planning with a dynamic report showing the courses required for all declared majors and minors, as well as how all transfer and CSU courses count towards a specific degree. Degree Process Audit is available through RAMweb.

Please also prepare questions for curriculum and scheduling. Your advisor can provide you with Department, College, and University policies, tutoring resources, information on joining student organizations, and internship co-op and education abroad opportunities.

When you arrive for your semester planning appointment, please check-in using the front desk kiosk by entering your CSU ID number or swiping your RamCard. Your assigned advisor will meet you in the waiting area.

During your semester planning appointment, you will receive an advising code. This code is a required six-digit number for registration, and is not available via email, from MESA, or during drop-in hours.


Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University is about using our knowledge of materials, energy, and health to solve society’s global engineering challenges.

Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University is about using our knowledge of materials, energy, and health to solve society’s global engineering challenges.

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