Graduate Students of Prof. Anthony A. Maciejewski

Graduate Students of Prof. Anthony A. Maciejewski

PhD Students

  1. Qing Xue (faculty member at Indiana University - Purdue University, Indianapolis IN)

  2. Rodney G. Roberts (faculty member at Florida State University / Florida A&M University, Tallahassee FL)

  3. Yun-Sun Kang (employed by Tremor Video, New York, NY)

  4. Christopher L. Lewis (employed by Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX)

  5. John J. Fox (faculty member at Boston University, Boston, MA)

  6. Khalid W. Khawaja (faculty member at American University, Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

  7. James D. English (employed by Energid Technologies, Cambridge MA)

  8. Kenneth N. Groom (employed by Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque NM)

  9. Manish Goel (employed by Cummins, Inc., Columbus, IN)

  10. Chu-Yin Chang (employed by Energid, Cambridge, MA)

  11. Tracy D. Braun (employed by Noemix, San Diego CA)

  12. Shoukat Ali (faculty member at University of Missouri, Rolla MO)

  13. Jong-Kook Kim (faculty member at Korea University, Seoul, Korea)

  14. Kishor Saitwal (employed by Behavioral Recognition Systems, Inc., Houston TX)

  15. Jay Smith (employed by DigitalGlobe, Longmont, CO)

  16. Vladimir Shestak (employed by IBM, Boulder, CO)

  17. Randy Hoover (faculty member at South Dakota School of Mines and Technology)

  18. Luis Briceno (employed by Intel, Fort Collins, CO)

  19. Paul Maxwell (faculty member at United States Military Academy, West Point, NY)

  20. Abdulla Al-Qawasmeh (employed by step2compliance, Fort Collins, CO)

  21. Daniel Brake (postdoc at Notre Dame University)

  22. Bhavesh Khemka (employed by Amazon, Seattle WA)

  23. Khaled Ben-Gharbia (employed by Wolf Robotics, Fort Collins, CO)

  24. Ryan Friese (employed by Pacific Northwest National Laborarory, Richland WA)

  25. Tim Hansen (faculty member at South Dakota State University)

  26. Kyle Tarplee (faculty member at Anderson University)

  27. Chris Eaton (employed by United States Air Force)

  28. Biyun Xie (faculty member at University of Kentucky)

  29. Ashraf Bader (employed by Wolf Robotics)

  30. Ahmad Almarkhi (currently working on PhD)

  31. Megan Emmons (employed by Sandia National Labs)

  32. Emily Lickiss (currently working on PhD)

  33. Cheng Guo (currently working on PhD)

  34. Michael Greer (currently working on PhD)

MS Thesis Students

  1. Kei-Wai Leung (employed by Texas Instruments, Dallas TX)

  2. Christopher L. Lewis (employed by Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, TX)

  3. James M. Reagin (employed by Delphi Automotive Systems, Kokomo IN)

  4. Tracy Braun (employed by Noemix, San Diego CA)

  5. Joel A. Kirkland (employed by Lockheed Martin, Denver CO)

  6. Bryce Eldridge (employed by Wolf Robotics, Fort Collins CO)

  7. Ashish Mehta (employed by CIGNA)

  8. Mohana Oltikar(employed by Hughes Network Systems, Gaithersburg, MD )

  9. Rodrigo Jamisola (employed by Nautronix, Aberdeen, UK)

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