Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Account Login

Login in to display your current print quota and disk quota.

Your Engineering Account

Students, staff and faculty in the College of Engineering have a computer account that provides access to the College computer network. Services include:

  • Login access to engineering lab computers
  • Personal file space on the Engineering College computer network
  • Printing credits for students
  • Access to online applications provided by ETS

If you do not currently have an engineering account, create one here.

eID vs. the Engineering Account

It is important to note that the Engineering account is separate from the electronic ID (eID) issued by the university and that the eID is a prerequesite for getting an Engineering account. See for more information.

As a student of the College of Engineering at CSU, you have a computer account created that allows you to login to the lab's computers, access the doors to the computer labs and print pages using your printing quota. The Engineering account is separate from the CSU computer account that is given to all CSU students and faculty.

When does my account expire?

We disable your Engineering account and archive it around six months after your graduation (12 months for PhD graduates). We will send you email notices before we disable your account, to give you time to copy any data you want from your U: drive. Check the email notice you receive from ETS for the specific date your account will be disabled. For more information, please see our account expiration policy.