Account Problems

If you can’t log in, read the error message and you should be able to determine if your password is wrong, your account is locked out, or your account is disabled. If the error is odd or you would like more help, please contact ETS.

Account Disabled

Your account will be disabled when you have violated an ETS computing policy. ETS always sends an email message to your CSU email account explaining what policy was violated, and who to talk with to get it reinstated.

To access your account again, you will need to contact ETS.

Account Locked Out

Your account is automatically locked out after three bad logins (e.g.: you mistyped your password three times or someone is trying to break into your account.)

Your account will be automatically unlocked 15 to 30 minutes after the third bad try. After this period, you will be able to log on again.

If you need access to your account before it is automatically unlocked, please contact ETS.

Authentication Error / Can't Log In

If your password is wrong, one of these is most likely the problem:

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Engineering Technology Services

Bookmark and use our online help desk form first.

Call (970) 491-2917

Stop by an ETS Help Desk:
Main Help Desk (Glover 100)
Foothills Campus Help Desk (Atmospheric Science 107)
Academic Village Help Desk (AVB C142, next to the Orion Design Studios)