Thin Client Information

We use thin clients throughout the College of Engineering: In the college computer labs, administrative staff and some faculty offices, and the Academic Village residence hall. These thin clients connect to Windows servers and provide access to software and a common desktop experience.

What's a thin client?

A thin client is a simple device that displays a server-hosted desktop. We use Intel NUC-based thin clients. These thin clients were chosen for their low cost, low maintenance, performance, and easy access to software.

What do these devices connect to?

If you are using a thin client in the college computer labs or electronic classrooms, or your Academic Village residence, you will use them to connect to the Virtual Classroom. For more information, see Using Microsoft Windows in the ETS Labs.

If you work for the College of Engineering and have a thin client, you are using the Mobile Desktop. This is a common Windows desktop environment that behaves just like a regular computer. The difference is that your desktop session is mobile, which means it is available from any thin client, another computer, and even from home!

Want your own thin client?

If you are a member of the faculty or staff of the College of Engineering, you may lease Mobile Desktop and thin client service from ETS. Click here to find out more.

If you are a student in the Academic Village residence hall, you can get one for your own room.

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