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$175 per year for faculty, staff and students in CSU offices. Thin Client service is leased on an annual basis from ETS; any components that break or are defective are replaced at no additional charge.

The standard thin client setup includes the following:

  • Thin client with power supply, keyboard, and mouse
  • 23″ wide screen LCD monitor with monitor cable and power cord
  • 50GB (total) of home directory (U: drive) & email file space
  • A Mobile Desktop (Windows OS with standard office productivity software*)

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Service Annual Cost Notes
Mobile Desktop Service (with Thin Client Service) $175 This package includes a Mobile Desktop, a thin client, one 23" widescreen monitor, keyboard and mouse. All hardware is serviced by ENS and defective hardware is replaced at no extra charge. (This cost is for 1 staff or faculty member, or for up to 3 student employees/GTAs.)
Mobile Desktop Service Only (no equipment) $44 This is for a Mobile Desktop only. No equipment is provided. You must use your own computer to access the Mobile Desktop. (This cost is for 1 staff or faculty member, or for up to 3 student employees/GTAs.)

Add-Ons and Discounts

Option Annual Cost Notes
Additional 23" monitor + $38  
Upgrade from single 23" to single 24" monitor + $15  
Additional 24" monitor + $64  
No monitor - ($37) You provide your own monitor.
Additional virtual CPU for Mobile Desktop* + $30 each (maximum 4)  
Additional virtual RAM for Mobile Desktop* + $30 per additioanl 2 GB (maxium 10 GB)  
Additional virtual disk space for Mobile Desktop* (varies) See the cost to purchase more network disk space.

* Personal Mobile Desktops are allocated the following virtual resources: 2 CPUs, 4 GB RAM, disk space for the operating system and installed software plus 5 GB of extra disk space. Additional resources can be added; see the "Add-Ons and Discounts" section, above.
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