Innovative mechanobiology research expanding subcellular understanding, published

Advancements in regenerative medicine and developmental-biology-inspired technology, have the potential to target major human health obstacles using tissue engineering and regeneration to treat musculoskeletal, cardiac, and neural diseases, among several other known and unknown applications; however, a lack of clear understanding of the interplay between biological systems and the mechanical environment, also known as mechanobiology,…Read more

ME Undergrad Participates in the National FIREX Campaign

ME undergraduate student, Liam Lewane, recently shared his latest project at a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Research campaign, addressing environmental air quality. Lewane is a student in Dr. Shantanu Jathar’s Laboratory for Air Quality Research, and recently participated in the NOAA Fire Influence on Regional and Global Environments Experiment in Missoula, Mont. “Liam is an…Read more