OBRL Summer Internship Program: Exposing High School Students to the Fields of Bioengineering

For the past five summers, ME’s Orthopaedic Bioengineering Research Laboratory has hosted a group of high school interns who are given the unique opportunity to dive into the world of bioengineering at CSU. “This internship program gives high school students a chance to interact with undergraduate students, graduate students, and academics in a dynamic research environment,” said

Dr. Kirk McGilvray, an assistant research professor at the OBRL, who spearheads this program each summer. The curriculum includes the use of cutting-edge research methods to assess basic science questions. Students are exposed to a wide spectrum of techniques including dissection, biomechanical testing, fabrication, data collection and processing, statistical analyses, and report generation. “It’s rewarding to see young minds eager to learn about this influential field of science,” Dr. McGilvray said.

The internship program was initiated when ME Professor Christian Puttlitz received a grant from NASA that required the presence of high school students. When that project concluded, Dr. McGilvray decided it was important to continue exposing high school students to bioengineering since most are not aware of its basic concepts. Currently, Drs. Puttlitz and McGilvray run the program together and are thrilled to see many of their interns accepted into engineering and pre-med programs across the country.

Past interns have possessed a strong desire to conduct research and are self-starters. They either contacted Dr. McGilvray or Dr. Puttlitz directly or were directed to the program through their teachers who observed their enthusiasm for science.

If you are interested or know someone who would make a great fit, please contact Dr. McGilvray for an interview:
Kirk. McGilvray@Colostate.edu.