Researchers from CSU’s Center for Laser Sensing and Diagnostics make Important Advance in Laser Ignition

CSU’s Center for Laser Sensing and Diagnostics (CLSD) has made a significant contribution to the field of laser ignition of engines by developing a new technique based on combining two laser pulses with different wavelengths. The approach has the potential to provide more efficient and cleaner combustion for both stationary and vehicular engines. The findings…Read more

ME Alumnus, John Brophy, Revolutionizes Space Travel Using Ion Propulsion and is Honored with 2015 Robert J. Collier Trophy

We are pleased to announce that the National Aeronautics Association named NASA’s Dawn Mission Team as the winner of the 2015 Robert J. Collier Trophy. Colorado State University mechanical engineering alumnus, John Brophy, is a member of that team and was responsible for the development of the ion propulsion system used on the nearly decade-long…Read more

Toward High-Fidelity Full-Engine Simulation

Research in the CFD and Propulsion Laboratory is focused on the development and application of advanced CFD algorithms. Members of the group work with powerful research software in order to tackle the most vexing engineering challenges of our time. An example is to understand the physics of turbulent combustion and design improved combustion models for…Read more

Laser Sensor for Hall Thruster Erosion Measurement

Hall thrusters are widely used in space propulsion applications due to their high specific impulse, high thrust efficiency, and high thrust density. The thrusters experience sputter erosion of the insulator channel, which is the primary factor that limits thruster lifetime. An important area of Hall thruster research is to understand the erosion and assess thruster…Read more