Toward High-Fidelity Full-Engine Simulation

research_aerospaceimage1 research_aerospaceimage2Research in the CFD and Propulsion Laboratory is focused on the development and application of advanced CFD algorithms. Members of the group work with powerful research software in order to tackle the most vexing engineering challenges of our time. An example is to understand the physics of turbulent combustion and design improved combustion models for alternative fuels, which at some point must replace petroleum-derived fuels. High-fidelity models of the alternative fuel combustion process are necessary to reduce the expense of engineering simulations and thus allow a more thorough exploration how alternative fuels perform in existing and new propulsion systems. A long term goal of the group is to realize a full gas-turbine engine simulation on a petascale computer within the next 10 years. This can only be achieved by using highly-scalable and sophisticated CFD algorithms and advanced computer-science methodologies to extract maximum performance from next-generation computer architectures. Equally important is a close collaboration with scientists from multiple disciplines in academia, industry, and at Department of Energy national laboratories. Graduate researchers in the laboratory have the opportunity to work with a large collaborative team on designing some of the most powerful research software in the nation.

Dr. Xinfeng Gao
Phone: 970-491-1003