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Loaner Items

These loaner items are intended as temporary loans, to bridge the gap between the computer on your desk, the computer labs, and personal devices. Your use of these items should have some academic purpose. Excellent examples of the intended use are for presentations (on or off campus), conferences, CSU related travel, and outreach events. Poor examples of the intended use are for gaming at home, watching a football game, or for regularly teaching a class (your home department should provide the required resources.)

Loaner Items Rules and Regulations

  • All users of these items must follow the CSU Computing and Networking Resources Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).
  • You may pick up your items at the start time of your reservation and they are due back at the end time of your reservation. (If the last day of the reservation falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the item is due back by 8:30 a.m. on Monday.) Please note that the ETS offices are closed on Saturday and Sunday, so do not plan to pick up or drop off items on those days. A CSU ID is required for pickup. If you are picking up an item for someone else, the person reserving the item MUST contact the ETS Help Desk to approve the pickup ahead of time.
  • Limits to Reservations. As these items are intended as temporary loans, we have these guidelines:
    • Maximum one-time checkout: Normally, you may check out a laptop or projector for a maximum of three days. However, we do allow one laptop and one projector at any given time to have an extended checkout, with a 14 day maximum. Webcams and the speaker are only available for 3 days maximum at one time.
    • Maximum per-semester checkout: Each user has a maximum of 35 cumulative days per semester, per type of item, of checkout time. Once you go over that maximum, you will not be able to reserve items until the next semester. This is to prevent monopolizing this scarce resource. (Example: If you have checked out a laptop several times throughout the semester for a total of 35 days, you will not be able to check out a laptop for the remainder of the semester. You will still be able to check out a projector, provided you have less than 35 cumulative days of projector checkout time.)We can make extensions under very rare circumstances. Please contact the ETS Help Desk to request an extension, and be sure to provide a good reason.
  • Loaner materials are in high demand, so please return them promptly. If you have an item that is more than 24 hours overdue, we will lock your engineering account until you return the item. Likewise, if you have an item that someone else has reserved and is waiting for, we will lock your account. If you know you’re going to be late returning an item, please contact us ahead of time and at let us know why, or arrange an extension, so that we can keep the system from letting anyone else attempt to reserve an item that isn’t available. If you do not pick up your reserved item on the start date of the reservation, the item will be returned to the reservation pool, and your reservation will be cancelled. Learn more about policy violations here.
  • Do not install software on any of the laptops. Generally, these laptops contain only communications and office productivity software, and do not contain engineering-specific software. Under unusual circumstances, we may consider installing additional software, but we must receive the request ahead of time and there must be a compelling reason to do so. Contact the ETS Help Desk to request special software needs. Be sure to plan well in advance!
  • If you regularly return items late, damage the equipment, or break any other rules regarding the loaner items, ETS reserves the right to deny all future loan requests to you.
  • If you lose or break any ETS loaner item, you are responsible for the cost of repairing or replacing that item. This includes laptops, tablets, projectors, and any peripheral items such as mice, power chargers, cables, and carrying cases.

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