Printer Quota

Each Engineering major student starts the academic year (Fall semester) with $21 in print quota ($5.00 for non Engineering majors). Engineering students are only given print credits at the beginning of the fall semester. You will not receive more print quota for the Spring semester. If you need more credits, you must purchase them. Students who join the college will be given a pro-rated amount of new credits. If you’re a new student and did not receive any credits, please contact ETS.

Students will be charged as per the printers’ cost schedules. We will reimburse students’ lost quota if the quota is lost through no fault of their own. There can be no reimbursement if the wrong page is printed.

Getting More Quota

Students may purchase more quota by logging into their Engineering Account and charging the quota to their student account. Log in here. For those who wish to pay with cash or check, please visit the ETS Help Desk in Glover 100. Faculty and staff may charge CSU accounts to purchase quota at the ETS Help Desk as well.

Please note, there are no “shared” printing accounts in our print quota system. When purchasing print credits, the print credits will be applied toward one user’s account. You can purchase print quota for another person (for example, a faculty member using a CSU account to purchase print credits for a graduate student). We cannot transfer print credits from one user’s account to another.

If a student is unhappy with the way their quota is handled, they can contact ETS and we will address the grievance to the best of our ability.

If a student is caught tampering with the print quota system, their account will be suspended.


Occasionally your print quota may get reduced when it shouldn’t have. Most of the time this happens when there’s a printer error and the job is either incomplete or unusable. Occasionally other errors do cause a reduction in your printer quota. If you believe that you had quota reduced when it shouldn’t have been, please contact ETS and explain the situation. In most cases if the quota deduction was through no fault of your own, we will be happy to refund your quota.

How are Credits Allocated (Not Enough, or No Quota Given)

By default Engineering majors get $21 of printing quota at the beginning of the fall semester (not every semester), and non-Engineering majors (who are taking an Engineering class) get $5 of credits. If you fall into one of these two categories and didn’t get any or all of your print credits during the fall semester, please contact ETS and explain the situation. Quota allocation is an automated process and particularly in the case of last-minute class additions or changes in major, often we aren’t given that information until after credits have already been allocated.

Printing Costs

The cost for each printer was calculated using cost of materials, average life expectancy of consumables (from the printer's manufacturer), and average page coverage statistics (also from the printer's manufacturer). The cost per page is in dollar amounts.

The network name of the printer is indicated in parantheses next to the lab name. If you wish to connect to the printer, see this page.

In the chart below, paper size is indicated as Letter (8.5" x 11"), Legal (8.5" x 14"), or Tabloid (11" x 17").

Cost Per Printer

Printer Model Printer Location & Name Paper Size Simples or Duplex Cost per Page
HP LaserJet m806 Anderson Computer Lab (anderson_bw), Internet Cafe (cafe_bw), Magellan Desigion Studio (magellan1_bw & magellan2_bw), Orion Design Studios (orion_bw), Scott Bioengineering Cassini Design Studio (cassini_bw) Letter simplex $0.019
  duplex $0.015
Legal simplex $0.021
  duplex $0.017
Tabloid simplex $0.028
  duplex $0.022
HP LaserJet P3015X Academic Village C146 Electronic Classroom (av_c146_bw), BC Infill (bc_infill_bw), Electronic Circuits Lab (c107_bw), ERC Electronic Classroom (erc_classroom_bw), ERC Design Studio 2 (erc_studio2_bw), ERC Design Studio 3 (erc_studio3_bw), GIS Computer Classroom (gis_bw), Linear Circuits Lab (c105_bw), Powerhouse Computer Lab (powerhouse_bw), Real-Time Systems Lab (c207_bw), Scott 321 GA Suite (scott_321_bw), Scott Bioengineering Odyssey Design Studio (odyssey_bw), Student Organization Lab (student_org_bw), Titan Studio Classroom (titan_bw), Viking Electronic Classroom (viking_bw) Letter simplex $0.022
  duplex $0.018
Legal simplex $0.024
  duplex $0.020
HP Color LaserJet m750dn Anderson Computer Lab (anderson_color), Internet Cafe (cafe_color), Magellan Design Studio (magellan_color) Letter simplex $0.087
  duplex $0.083
Legal simplex $0.090
  duplex $0.086
Tabloid duplex $0.096
  simplex $0.096
HP Color LaserJet m553dn ERC Computer Classroom (erc_classroom_color), GIS Computer Classroom (gis_color), Orion Design Studios (orion_color), Scott Bioengineering Cassini Design Studio (cassini_color) Letter simplex $0.101
  duplex $0.097
Legal simplex $0.103
  duplex $0.099
HP Designjet T795ps/T790ps plotter Magellan Design Studio (magellan_plotter_44), Scott Bioengineering 319 (scott_plotter_44) $0.061 per inch
HP Designjet z6100ps plotter Magellan Design Studio (magellan_plotter_60) $0.222 per inch

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