Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering


Josh Cook

I am Josh and I am a 5th Year studying Chemical, Biological & Biomedical Engineering. I joined NSBE because of the community. I was one of a few black/African American students in my classes. NSBE was a place where I could talk to other students I identified with who were in similar majors. I wanted other students to have the same experience I had with the different conventions and workshops NSBE presented. These events helped with my professional development and my progression as a student.

Kojo Otoo

I am Kojo and I am a 5th Year studying Electrical Engineering. I joined NSBE because I wanted to make a difference not just for myself but to help others understand that it is possible to achieve their dreams. After coming to CSU I found NSBE to be my support system, which opened up so many opportunities for me as I wandered through all my courses as the only Black student. The mission of NSBE as well as the opportunities it presents allowed me to achieve recognition for my hard work while receiving offers to work different internships that have impacted me in a unique way. I want to be an engineer who isn’t just an expert in my field of study but also a leader that assist others in achieving their goals.

Alyssa Caldwell-McGee

I am Alyssa and I am a 5th Year studying Biomedical/Chemical Biological Engineering & Biological Science. I joined NSBE because I really wanted to find a sense of belonging within my major. I originally started my journey in college at the University of Missouri and really enjoyed the bonds that were formed within their NSBE chapter. Once I transferred, I sought out the NSBE chapter here at CSU. One goal that I would like to achieve academically is graduating in May 2021!! Professionally, I hope to work for a company that is geared towards biological engineering.

Janaye Matthews

I am Janaye and I am a 5th Year studying Biomedical and Electrical Engineering with a minor in Ethnic Studies. I joined NSBE seeking to build a professional and personal network of people with similar backgrounds and interests, especially among those who shared the experience of being the only, or one of the only, Black students in their classrooms. I grew up in NSBE and benefited from mentors who helped me understand what it meant to be successful as a Black person in STEM, and now my involvement serves as a way to pass that on to the current and next generations. Ultimately, in both college and in my future professional career, my goal is to advocate for others, ensuring that they have an equitable chance to take a seat at the table, and when they do take that seat, they have the tools to continue growing and progressing in their fields/lives.

Zabiba Husen

I am Zabiba and I am a 2nd Year studying Biomedical and Chemical Engineering. I joined NSBE because I wanted to connect with people of the same background as me and to help other students to achieve their dreams. When I first came to CSU, I felt alienated and NSBE was the place where I could communicate with people of the same background as me. My goal is to help other students achieve their dream and hope to see more Black students in the STEM program.


Tom Siller

Associate Professor
Civil and Environmental Engineering

Melissa Burt

Assistant Dean for Diversity and Inclusion