Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

ESTC Membership 2016-2017

Per the college code, the ESTC has 23 members (16 students, 6 faculty, & 1 staff): 

  • Four representatives from each engineering department (three from Atmospheric Science), all of which are appointed by the chair of the department
    • two undergraduates (none from Atmospheric Science)
    • one graduate (two from Atmospheric Science)
    • one faculty member
  • Two representatives from intra-departmental majors, appointed by the coordinator for the majors
  • One graduate representative from the School of Biomedical Engineering
  • The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • The Client Services Manager of Engineering Network Services

Each department representative serves a two year term.

NamePositionDepartmentTerm Expires
Prof. Anthony Marchese
Associate DeanAcademic Affairsex officio
Sean FreemangraduateAtmospheric Science2018
Peter MarinescugraduateAtmospheric Science2017
Prof. Emily FischerfacultyAtmospheric Science2017
Kristen JacksongraduateBiomedical Engineering2018
Noah BeckundergraduateChem. & Bio. Engineering2018
Zachary BodmerundergraduateChem. & Bio. Engineering2017
unfilledgraduateChem. & Bio. Engineering2017
Prof. Brian MunskyfacultyChem. & Bio. Engineering2017
Megan ScottundergraduateCivil & Env. Engineering2018
Ryan AustinundergraduateCivil & Env. Engineering2018
Luke FloresgraduateCivil & Env. Engineering2018
Prof. Peter NelsonfacultyCivil & Env. Engineering2017
Dylan RydenundergraduateElec. & Comp. Engineering2018
Cameron KeyundergraduateElec. & Comp. Engineering2018
Dylan MachovecgraduateElec. & Comp. Engineering2018
Prof. Sandra BiedronfacultyElec. & Comp. Engineering2018
Kelley Wittmeyer
Interim DirectorEngineering Technology Servicesex officio
Zachary GebhardtundergraduateIntra-departmental2018
Trevor AguirreundergraduateMechanical Engineering2018
Jordyn DahlkeundergraduateMechanical Engineering2017
Andrew JonesgraduateMechanical Engineering2018
Tammy DonahuefacultyMechanical Engineering2017

ESTC Membership in Other Years