Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

ESTC Membership

Per the college code, the ESTC has 26 members (18 students, 7 faculty, & 1 staff): 

  • Four representatives from each engineering department (three from Atmospheric Science and Systems Engineering), all of which are appointed by the chair of the department
    • two undergraduates (none from Atmospheric Science or Systems Engineering)
    • one graduate (two from Atmospheric Science and Systems Engineering)
    • one faculty member
  • Two representatives from intra-departmental majors, appointed by the coordinator for the majors
  • One graduate representative from the School of Biomedical Engineering
  • The Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • The Director of Engineering Technology Services

Each department representative serves a two year term.

ESTC Membership 2020-2021

Name Position Department Term Expires
Prof. Anthony Marchese Associate Dean Academic Affairs ex officio
Kelley Branson Director Engineering Technology Services ex officio
Lee Brent graduate Atmospheric Science 2022
Kevin Yang graduate Atmospheric Science 2022
Michael Bell faculty Atmospheric Science 2021
Will Raymond graduate Biomedical Engineering 2021
Mason Vess undergraduate Chem. & Bio. Engineering 2022
Lauren Robertson undergraduate Chem. & Bio. Engineering 2022
Yan Wang graduate Chem. & Bio. Engineering 2021
Prof. Jean Peccoud faculty Chem. & Bio. Engineering 2022
Claire Paschke undergraduate Civil & Env. Engineering 2022
Lily Drum-Parce undergraduate Civil & Env. Engineering 2022
Danny White graduate Civil & Env. Engineering 2022
Prof. Ryan Morrison faculty Civil & Env. Engineering 2021
Drew Rackow-Chair undergraduate Elec. & Comp. Engineering 2021
Peter Walsh undergraduate Elec. & Comp. Engineering 2022
Yifan Yang graduate Elec. & Comp. Engineering 2022
Prof. Ryan Kim faculty Elec. & Comp. Engineering 2021
Sydney McDonald undergraduate Mechanical Engineering 2021
Olivia Brown undergraduate Mechanical Engineering 2022
Michael Sartini graduate Mechanical Engineering 2021
Haile Endeshaw faculty Mechanical Engineering 2021
Hamza Ahmed graduate Systems Engineering 2022
Jayesh Narsinghani graduate Systems Engineering 2021
Prof. Jim Cale faculty Systems Engineering 2021
vacant undergraduate Intra-departmental 2022
vacant undergraduate Intra-departmental 2022

ESTC Membership in Other Years