Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

ESTC Membership 2003-2004

NamePositionDepartmentTerm Expires
Tom SillerAssociate DeanAcademic Affairsex officio
Michelle L’Heureux*graduateAtmospheric Science2005
Chris Rozoff*graduateAtmospheric Science2004
Steve Rutledge*facultyAtmospheric Science2004
Shawn Klawitter, chairundergraduateChemical Engineering2004
David MillerundergraduateChemical Engineering2005
Derek JohnsongraduateChemical Engineering2005
Ranil WickramasinghefacultyChemical Engineering2004
Ryan FlemingundergraduateCivil Engineering2005
Tony ZancanellaundergraduateCivil Engineering2004
Arun NairgraduateCivil Engineering2004
unfilledfacultyCivil Engineering2005
Bryce EldridgeundergraduateElec. & Comp. Engineering2005
FA03: Kate McDonnell
SP04: Heidi Shray
undergraduateElec. & Comp. Engineering2004
Klaus HartingergraduateElec. & Comp. Engineering2004
Kevin LearfacultyElec. & Comp. Engineering2005
Mark RitschardDirectorEngineering Technology Servicesex officio
Miranda GroteundergraduateIntra-departmental2004
Elizabeth LippundergraduateIntra-departmental2005
David BryantundergraduateMechanical Engineering2005
Tim HinermanundergraduateMechanical Engineering2004
Doug HoppergraduateMechanical Engineering2005
Hiroshi SakuraifacultyMechanical Engineering2004

*The Atmospheric Science members met separately from the rest of the committee. The three official members were joined by students Brenda Dolan, Todd Ellis, Matt Rogers, and Sarah Tessendorf and by staff Natalie Marquez and Walt Naylor. Together, these individuals determined the distribution of the funds allocated to Atmospheric Science.

ESTC Membership in Other Years