Dr. Kurt Barth Investigates Advancements in Thin Film Photovoltaic Devices

Kurt Barth, associate director of CSU’s Next Generation Photovoltaic Center, received $1.3 million (the Colorado Renewable Energy Collaboratory is contributing significant cost share) for a project titled “Advanced Module Architecture for Reduced Costs, High Durability and Significantly Improved Manufacturability.” Barth’s project will investigate new materials and methods for enhanced durability and reliability of thin-film photovoltaic…Read more

Senior Design: Formula SAE’s First Electric Vehicle

Start your engines! This year’s Formula SAE – Ram Racing team is bringing something new to the speedway; an electric vehicle with a need for speed. In June, team members are hoping to achieve a top 10 finish at the national Intercollegiate Design Competition in Nebraska. They will present at CSU E-Days as well. All…Read more

EcoCAR 3

Dr. Thomas Bradley, faculty adviser for EcoCAR projects, and a group of more than 100 dedicated students, over the course of eight semesters, just completed the EcoCAR 2 competition in the summer of 2014. Now, it’s on to the next competition – EcoCAR 3! Just as in past EcoCAR competitions, students have been given the…Read more

EcoCAR 2

EcoCAR 2: Plugging in to the Future, is a three-year collegiate engineering competition and the only program of its kind. The competition’s mission is a vital one: offer an unparalleled hands-on, real-world experience to educate the next generation of automotive engineers. The competition challenges 15 universities across North America to reduce the environmental impact of…Read more

EcoCAR Projects

[av_heading heading=’EcoCAR Projects’ tag=’h2′ style=’blockquote modern-quote modern-centered’ size=” subheading_active=’subheading_below’ subheading_size=’15’ padding=’10’ color=” custom_font=”] Students are given the task of reducing environmental impact while maintaining performance, safety, and consumer acceptability of a vehicle. Each year, students build upon and improve the previous year’s model to compete in a competition every three years. The competition’s mission is…Read more

Making Algae Biofuels a Reality

One of the major issues facing the algal biofuels industry is development of a low energy, scalable means of harvesting microalgae cells from ponds or bioreactors, in which microalgae is cultivated under very dilute conditions. At CSU, Prof. Anthony Marchese and his students in the Advanced Biofuels Combustion and Characterization Laboratory are developing a new,…Read more

Professor Marchese’s $1.9M EDF Study

The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and industry partners have poured millions of dollars into investigating methane emissions from the U.S. natural gas industry over the past few years and the results could have the potential of significantly influencing the EPA into changing its emissions regulations. Mechanical engineering professor and director of the CSU Engines and…Read more

CSU Energy Faculty Investigates VW ‘Dieselgate’ Scandal for Denver’s CBS Channel 4 News

When the story broke, Denver’s CBS News Channel 4 approached the Mechanical Engineering Department’s energy-focused faculty, Professors Anthony Marchese, Shantanu Jathar, Bryan Willson, and Dan Olsen to carry out their own VW emissions testing to see if their results were consistent with the reports. Professor Jathar proposed an experiment and each professor also took it…Read more

Senior Research Associate, Daniel Zimmerle, Leads Initiative to Electrify Rwanda

About 2.5 years ago, senior research associate for the Engines and Energy Conversions Lab at CSU’s Energy Institute, Daniel Zimmerle, began investigating Rwanda’s electrification issues in collaboration with an agricultural sciences graduate student, Peter Means, who has worked extensively in Africa. Zimmerle’s passion for microgrid initiatives led him to what is now, a large-scale electrification…Read more