Undergraduates who started at CSU before August 1st, 2018:

Undergraduates who started at CSU before the fall of 2018 semester were provided a Google Apps account and an email address of or This email address comes with a set of communication tools that includes a personal website, chat, applications that give you the ability to create and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations and calendars in a collaborative fashion. These accounts are administered by CSU’s Academic Computing and Network Services (ACNS)

Undergraduates who started at CSU after August 1st, 2018:

All new incoming undergraduates who started after fall of 2018 semster receive an Office365 account using or These accounts are administered by CSU’s Academic Computing and Network Services (ACNS). You can still have a gmail account by request. Please see here for more info.

Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students

Faculty, staff, and graduate students are provided email service through Microsoft’s Office 365 using or and is administered by CSU’s Academic Computing and Network Services (ACNS). You can request a secondary Gmail account if needed. Please see here for more info.

Supported Email Clients

ETS currently supports Microsoft Outlook and installs it on most machines. For instructions on how to connect your email client please follow one of the following links.

Virus Scanning

The Google Apps emails are scanned by Google servers for viruses and spam. All Office 365 emails are scanned for viruses and spam by the O365 servers. If you have received spam, please see how to report these emails.

Forwarding Your Email

As a Colorado State University student, faculty or staff you automatically have an email address through CSU:

  • Undergraduates get a Google Apps for CSU email address:
  • Faculty, Staff, and Graduate Students get an Office 365 address:

You may also have additional email addresses through other online services like Gmail, Yahoo!, Hotmail, AOL, etc. By setting up an automatic forwarding from one email address to another. This way you will only need to check one email address for all of your email. We suggest that you have the email addresses that you do not use automatically forward to the one that you do use.

ETS does not necessarily recommend one email address over the other; however, we do recommend that you forward unused CSU accounts to your main email account so that you only need to check email in one place while you’re at CSU, and so you do not lose messages. 

Alumni Email

For alumni email addresses from CSU see this page

Spam/Phishing Email

If you receive spam email please email with the original spam email as an attachment. It is important that you do not just forward the email regularly. ACNS may take several different actions depending on email. This may include blocking the sender, blocking any links or files in the email, or reporting the offender to Microsoft to be included in a global blacklist. Please do not forward any emails found in your junk email box.

For Outlook:

  1. Start a new email and drag the spam email into the new message.
  2. Send the message to
  3. Delete the spam email.

For Thunderbird:

  1. Right click on the spam email and select “Forward As” > “Attachment”
  2. Send the email to
  3. Delete the spam email.

For Gmail:

  1. Click on the 3 dot menu to the right of the reply option.
  2. Select “Show Original”
  3. Select “Download Original”
  4. Add the downloaded email as an attachment in a new message to
  5. Delete the downloaded version of the spam email.
  6. Delete the spam email.

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