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Common  Error messages (Troubleshooting Tips)

Some of the common error mesages are listed below.

qsub Command not found
When you submit a job using qsub, you sometimes get the above error. This occurs if you have not sourced the file containing the environment variables before submitting the job. In order to fix this error,  type the following at the command prompt: source /space/sge/default/common/settings.csh
The file <jobname>.e<jobid> generally contains the error messages that are  encountered when the job is running on the cluster.  Make sure you check this file carefully for any error messages.
A common error that you will find in this file is  "Command not found" . This occurs when the command that you are running is not in your path. This can be corrected by either including it in the  path in the .cshrc file or by invoking the program using the complete pathname.
Sometimes there are unexplained errors like "No such file of directory"  even when the file exists. Or sometimes, the job just does not run. It stays in the "Pending" state.
This sometimes occurs if you have created the script file on a windows machine. It then puts extra "Carriage Return" characters at the end of each line. These are not recognized by unix. To fix this type the following command: dos2unix filename filename This will remove the extra "^M"  at the end of each line. Then open the file using your favorite editor (vi, emacs, pico)  and make sure it does not have the "^M". Then save the file. Do NOT quit without saving.  Once you fix the file, submit it again.

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This document last modified Friday January 22, 2016

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