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Forwarding Email from all CSU accounts to your personal email account

Forward your central Exchange email

  1. Log in to
  2. Click on “Change E-mail Address ”
  3. Login with your eName and ePassword
  4. If the option is available, select "I will only use central Exchange for calendaring".
    If the option is not available, see Forward E-mail Using an Outlook Rule, and skip the rest of this section.
  5. Enter in the email address you want to forward to, and click Submit.

Forward your Google Apps email

Note: Only Undergraduates are provided a Google Apps for CSU account by default.

  1. Follow the instructions to forward Google Apps for CSU email to another email address.

Please note that if you set your forwarding address in this tool (meaning you forward your email to another account), you will no longer be able to set up an vacation auto-reply and create filters using this tool. If you have any questions, please contact ENS.

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This document last modified Tuesday June 18, 2013

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