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Here are some ideas to reduce your disk space if you are close to your file quota.

Web Browser Cache

One of the things that can take up a lot of disk space is your web browser cache. Often, your browser settings, including cache files, are stored on your U: drive. Bring up your browser preferences and put in 0 for cache space. Browsers will differ in how this is done. Contact ENS if you need help.

Other considerations:

Remember that engineering accounts are for academic purposes. It is not for MP3 files, movies, humor programs, etc. Items of this kind can be stored on a flash drive if you need to retain them.

How do I increase my quota?

  • For Students:
    Each student is allocated 15 GB of disk space. Students who need more space may contact ENS to request up to 30 GB of free space. If more is needed, please talk to your advisor who will need to request more space for you through ENS.
  • For Faculty/Staff:
    Faculty/Staff are allocated 25 GB of home directory disk space. If you need additional home directory space, the charges are listed on the Network File Space page.
  • Project Space:
    Project space for research or College-santioned projects may also be requested through ENS. Each project may have 512 MB for no charge. Costs for space beyond this are given here on the Network File Space page.

    To rent disk space, please send an email to ENS with the amount of disk space required, the duration for which it is required and the account number to which it can be charged.
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This document last modified Monday January 08, 2018

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