Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Graduate Exam Abstract

David Alessi
Ph.D. Final
Sep 23, 2011, 1:15 pm
Wagar 231
Abstract: This dissertation describes the development of table-top soft X-ray lasers with wavelengths ranging from 30 nm to 7.4 nm. The laser transisitons occur within collisionally excited states of nickel-like and neon-like ions which are created from laser ablation of solid targets. An Nd:glass slab laser system was developed to provide 20J (and then upgraded to 40J) of laser light at 527 nm for pumping a table-top chirped pulse amplification Ti:sapphire laser. With this increase in pump energy, the Ti:sapphire system is capable of producing 12J uncompressed laser pulses at a 1Hz repetition rate. Stretched and compressed pulses from this Ti:sapphire laser system operating near 800 nm are used to both ionize the material to a high degree and heat the free electrons in these plasmas to temperatures required for high gain. Simulations from a 1.5D hydrodynamic/atomic model indicate a peak gain of 90 cm-1 for the 8.8 nm laser transition in nickel-like lanthanum is reached with an electron temperature of ~850 eV, and a density of 6×1020 cm-3. By using the grazing incidence pumping geometry gain saturated operation was demonstrated in the 2p53p1S0?2p53s1P1 transition of neon-like titanium (? = 32.6 nm) and vanadium (? = 30.4 nm) as well as in the 3d94d1S0?3d94p1P1 transition in nickel-like tellurium (? = 10.9 nm), and lanthanum (? = 8.8 nm). Strong lasing was also demonstrated in the same neon-like transition in chromium (? = 28.6 nm), as well as the same nickel-like transition in cerium (? = 8.5 nm), praseodymium (? = 8.2 nm), neodymium (? = 7.9 nm) and samarium (? = 7.4 nm). This is this first demonstration the generation of bright gain-saturated sub-9-nm wavelengths with a table-top laser operating at 1-Hz repetition rate. The short wavelength, microjoule pulse energy, picosecond pulse duration, and repetitive operation of these lasers will enable new applications such as sequential imaging of ultrafast nano-scale dynamic phenomena to be realized on a table top.
Adviser: Jorge Rocca
Co-Adviser: N/A
Non-ECE Member: Siu Au Lee, Physics
Member 3: Carmen Menoni, ECE
Addional Members: Mario Marconi, ECE
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