Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Graduate Exam Abstract

Rashid Safaisini
Ph.D. Qualifying
Mar 26, 2008, 9:30 am
Engr B2
Abstract: This is a Qualifying Exam.
Adviser: Dr. Kevin L. Lear
Co-Adviser: NA
Non-ECE Member: Dr. James Sites, Physics
Member 3: Dr. Mario Marconi, ECE
Addional Members: NA
1. Safaisin, Rashid; Al-Omari, Ahmad N.; Joseph, John R.; Lear, Kevin L., “Dynamics of 980 nm VCSELs Characterized Using Temperature Dependent RIN Spectra,” presented at American Physical Society, APS March Meeting, March 5-9, 2007.
2. R. Safaisini, J. R. Joseph, D. Louderback, X. Jin, and K. L. Lear, “Temperature Dependence of 980 nm VCSEL Dynamics,” presented at IEEE LEOS 20th Annual Meeting, Oct. 21-25, 2007.
3. Rashid Safaisini, John R. Joseph, Duane Louderback, Xiaojun Jin, Ahmad N. Al-Omari, and Kevin L. Lear, “Temperature Dependence of 980nm Oxide-Confined VCSEL Dynamics,” submitted to IEEE Photonics Technology Letters.

Publications to be Reviewed:
"All-optical nano modulator on a silicon chip" by O. Limon et al., Optics Express, vol. 15, pp. 9029-9039, 2007.

Program of Study: