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Engineering Network Services

Getting Started Overview (Overview In Flow Chart Form)

  1. Request an account by emailing This user account is separate from your Engineering account.
  2. Once you receive an account, connect to the submit host for the cluster.
  3. Write your code or create input files for the applications you wish to use.
  4. Write a submit file to submit the job.
  5. Submit the job using the qsub command.
  6. (Optional) Check the status of the job while its running using the qstat command.
  7. (Optional) Log out, and your job will continue to run.
  8. Check your output.


Try it yourself!

Connect to the cluster and then enter the commands below to submit a simple test Matlab job.
  • module load apps/matlab
  • mkdir ~/my_matlab_job && cd ~/my_matlab_job
  • cp /usr/local/examples/matlab/* ~/my_matlab_job
  • qsub
That's it. Check out my_matlab_output.txt for results. You can use the files copied as a starting point, or find more examples by navigating to /usr/local/examples on the cluster.
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This document last modified Thursday May 24, 2018

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