Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Amit Munshi

Research Scientist

Mechanical Engineering

Research Areas

  • Controlled Arsenic Doping of CdTe and CdSeTe Photovoltaics for Higher Efficiency
  • Oxide Passivation and Carrier-Selective Contacts for Enhanced Photovoltaic Efficiency
  • Thin-Film Growth Under Cd-Rich Deposition for Skewed Stoichiometry of Deposited Film
  • Optimization Of P-N Interface and P-Type Contact Surface for Photovoltaic Application
  • Band-Gap Engineering of Photoactive CdSeTe/CdTe Graded Absorber for Greater Current Collection
  • Development of Transparent P-Type Contact to Introduce Bi-Faciality in Thin-Film Solar Cells
  • Development of Low Band-Gap Antimony Selenide for Photovoltaic Application


  • Ph.D. Colorado State University—Mechanical Engineering
    • Dissertation: Investigation of Processing, Microstructure and Efficiencies of Polycrystalline CdTe Photovoltaic Films and Devices
  • M.S. Colorado State University–Mechanical Engineering
    • Thesis: Investigation of Gold as Material for Thermal Radiation Shielding
  • B.S. Sardar Patel University, India– Automobile Engineering