Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering


Office: Engineering B103
Phone: 970-491-8314

Dr. Kurt Barth

Associate Director of Next Generation Photovoltaics Center

Associate Research Professor

Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Barth has extensive experience in CdTe PV materials science, strategic planning, program management, product development, entrepreneurship and thin film photovoltaic R&D. Dr. Barth brings significant strategic leadership experience. As founder and Board member of Abound Solar, a CdTe solar photovoltaics manufacturer, he developed the initial business plan, obtained major equity financing (eventually totaling over $300M) and provided leadership for company growth. As VP of Product Development, Dr. Barth, drove the product from conceptualization through deployment and achieved IEC and UL certifications in one of the shortest times in the industry. While at Colorado State University, he was an inventor of foundational semiconductor fabrication process technology and hardware and made significant scientific contributions to the thin film solar research field. Dr. Barth has served as Project Director or Co-Project director on federally sponsored programs with a total funding of over $20 million. 


  • Ph.D., Colorado State University—Mechanical Engineering
  • M.S., Colorado State University—Mechanical Engineering



Research Interests

  • Photovoltaic Materials