Orthopaedic Bioengineering Research Laboratory (OBRL)

Our bodies are machines for living. – Leo Tolstoy The application of solid mechanics to the field of medicine has greatly increased our knowledge of orthopedic pathologies and lead to some of the most successful treatments and implants used in surgery.  This is especially relevant in contemporary society because of the aging population will exponentially …Read more

Next Generation Photovoltaics Center

W. S. Sampath, Professor of Mechanical Engineering The Mechanical Engineering Department’s Materials Engineering Lab (MEL) under the direction of Professor W.S. Sampath has been in the forefront of CdTe photovoltaic manufacturing technology development since 1991. Numerous pieces of equipment and processes have been developed for synthesis and testing of photovoltaic devices. These include: Facilities for…Read more

Biomaterials Surface Micro/Nano-Engineering Laboratory

Dr. Ketul Popat, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Surfaces that contain micro- and nanoscale features in a well-controlled and “engineered” manner have been shown to significantly affect cellular and subcellular function. Within the auspices of the our research program, we are developing, refining and extending select fabrication routes for producing materials with controlled nanoarchitecture and…Read more

Biomaterials Research and Engineering Laboratory (BREL) lab

[av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=” av-medium-font-size=” av-small-font-size=” av-mini-font-size=” av_uid=’av-jrie8gej’ admin_preview_bg=”] Research in BREL focuses on development and characterization of biomaterials for cardiovascular and orthopedic health care. Drs. James, Prawel, and their colleagues, hold several patents on novel technologies for orthopedic and cardiovascular applications. For example, BioPoly® is a family of hyaluronan/polyethylene materials invented by Dr. James’…Read more