The Factory

Since the 1950s, a 24,000-square-foot, off-campus research facility, located in the Fort Collins foothills, has endured dozens of renovations; the latest renovation transformed the facility into “The Factory.” Its diverse history has made it one of CSU’s most unique facilities, and its new name offers a glimpse into its inception in 1958. THE FACTORY The…Read more

Process Induced Distortion in Composite Materials

Composite materials often show distortion during processing. Research investigates mechanisms for the generation of these distortions and approaches to reducing the degree of distortion during manufacture. The majority of this research, worldwide, has focused on traditional aerospace style composites manufacture. Current research activities expand this activity to fiber reinforced composites produced by processes that promise to reduce manufacturing…Read more

U.S. Department of Energy Selects a Multi-Partner Team, Including CSU for Advanced Manufacturing Technology Research and Development

Last year, the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation, a prestigious, federally backed program, initiated by the White House’s National Science and Technology Council, selected the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation to conduct manufacturing innovation research and development related to fiber reinforced polymer matrix composites. The IACMI, a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of…Read more