Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

Environmental & Water Resources Institute at CSU (EWRI-CSU)

Our mission is to advance water resources and environmental solutions to achieve a sustainable future.  We aim to build camaraderie between graduate students working in environmental and water resources related fields at Colorado State University.  Our goal is to develop members’ professional skill sets and networks within the environmental and water resources community at large.

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The Environmental & Water Resources Institute is ASCE’s technical source for environmental and water-related issues. EWRI is one of nine ASCE technical institutes

Its members include professionals whose focus areas are:

  • the Environment;
  • Groundwater;
  • Surface Water;
  • Hydraulics and Waterways;
  • Irrigation and Drainage;
  • Planning and Management;
  • Urban Water Resources;
  • Water Supply, Wastewater, and Stormwater;
  • Watershed; and
  • Domestic and International Interdisciplinary Issues


Contact Information

1372 Campus Delivery
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523-1372
United States
Contact Email:

Current Officers

President – Jack Derbique:

Vice President – Brady Jones:

Treasurer – Md Fahim Hasan:

Secretary – Harshit:

Advisory Committee: 

Abdullah Al Fatta (

Joseph Pugh (jepugh@colostatedu)

For more information or to get involved in EWRI, please contact the EWRI at