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Transfer Pathway Guide

Interested in transferring to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University? 

Students who begin their engineering education at Front Range Community College can transfer seamlessly to CSU to finish their degree. Our institutions have worked together to establish an integrated partnership, creating for you an easy transition pathway between colleges.

Follow the coursework guides below to select classes at Front Range, knowing your credits will apply directly to your degree at CSU. Learn more about scholarship and paid internship opportunities, educational objectives of our hands-on program, skills you can expect to graduate with, and contact information for advisors at both colleges who are here to support your journey every step of the way!

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Choose Your Pathway

Below you will find detailed transfer guides. Select how long you plan to be at each institution to view coursework by semester. For example, if you want to graduate in 4 years, you would combine ‘FRCC 2 Years’ and ‘CSU 2 Years’. 

Students who would like more information on different engineering fields and/or students who do not have coding experience should consider taking EGG 100 Intro to Engineering.

Scholarship and Paid Internship Opportunities

Wolves to Rams (W2R) is a program that helps FRCC students transfer to and graduate from CSU. W2R provides scholarships, stipends, workshops, mentorship, and paid research training. 

Students must apply for W2R while they are attending FRCC. Scholarships are not available from the program once students have transferred to CSU. 

There are two programs within W2R, but just 1 application! Programs are listed below.

Click here for full details and to apply!

Wolves 2 Rams NSF Scholarship 

This scholarship includes customized CSU transfer advising, STEM workshops, faculty mentorship, and a peer community. Scholars can receive up to 7 total semesters of scholarship money. Scholars will participate in professional conferences, graduate school preparation, and research lab experiences. The scholarship is renewable based on active participation, commitment, and academic performance. 

Wolves 2 Rams NIH Paid Research Internship

This internship provides training and experience for two full years, one at FRCC and one at CSU. Interns receive payment up to $40,000 over 24 months during the two-year program. This rewarding internship requires a large commitment, giving students research experience critical for pursuing the field of engineering.

Educational Objectives and Student Outcomes

CSU mechanical engineering graduates will be able to accomplish the following:

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Connect with a Pathway Advisor

Advisors at Front Range and CSU Mechanical Engineering are here to support you. Contact us to begin your pathway plan!

General engineering program inquiries: 

Christy Gomez, FRCC Engineering Coordinator



Nicholas Heckart, FRCC Pathways Advisor

Mechanical Engineering at Colorado State University is about using our knowledge of materials, energy, and health to solve society’s global engineering challenges.

Mechanical engineering at Colorado State University is about using our knowledge of materials, energy, and health to solve society’s global engineering challenges.

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