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Andrew Zdanowicz

Andrew Zdanowicz


Phone: 717-525-3589

Andrew Zdanowicz

Research Associate, Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory

Andrew is working as a research associate at CSU’s Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory (EECL). Pursuing an interest in engine design, testing, and sustainability, Andrew completed his master’s under Dr. Anthony Marchese at CSU in 2019. His thesis centered on developing alternative means of measuring fuel knock propensity. After a stint in industry testing large stationary natural gas engines, Andrew returned to the EECL to apply his skills in a cutting-edge research environment and more freely explore his interests.

His current focus includes in-cylinder soot emission reduction techniques, oxygenated fuel development and characterization, and overall improvement of engine testing processes. Throughout his experience in the engineering world, he has developed strong interests in process automation, data visualization, product design, and engineering communications. Outside of work, Andrew enjoys rock climbing, mountain biking, and all things Colorado.


  • M.S. 2019, Colorado State University – Mechanical Engineering
  • B.S. 2017, Lehigh University – Mechanical Engineering