Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering


Dr. Patrick Fitzhorn

Emeritus Professor

Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Fitzhorn’s research focus is modeling and analysis of transient vehicle stability and control; vehicle damping analysis; and design processes for holistic “whole vehicle”systems.


  • Ph.D. 1985, Colorado State University—Mechanical Engineering
  • M.S. 1982, Colorado State University—Computer Science
  • B.S. 1980, Old Dominion University—Computer Science


Honors and Awards

  • 2014 – Service Award, College of Engineering
  • 2014 – Oliver P. Pennock Distinguished Service Award, Colorado State University
  • 2013,2012 – TILT Teaching Fellow, Institute for Teaching and Learning
  • 2006 – N. Preston Davis Award for Instructional Innovation, Colorado State University