Mech Day 2017

ME Lab Support Engineer, Steve Johnson, giving a lab tour of the Engineering Manufacturing Education Center, to Mech Day attendees.

On October 6, 2017, the Department hosted its first Mech Day, in conjunction with the annual Walter Scott Jr., College of Engineering, Engineering Exploration Days.

Mech Day was designed to give potential students a glimpse into student life in the mechanical engineering program at CSU.

The day started with an introduction from Department Head, Dr. Susan James. “Our first MECH Day was a great success. It was wonderful to see the eager students and their parents and guardians learn more about majoring in Mechanical Engineering at CSU. I’ve always firmly believed that the more you know about the major before you declare it, the more successful you will be as a student. While Engineering Exploration Days has always been a wonderful event, the MECH Day events that lead into it, amplified the effect of Engineering Exploration Days,” said Dr. James.

The introduction was followed by a student panel discussion. Seasoned students had the opportunity to share their student experiences, and offered lessons learned, preparation techniques, and other helpful information that only students partaking in the program would know. Nico Derr, a current Mechanical Engineering Student Ambassador was part of the student panel and said, “I think it’s important for any incoming engineering student to know how challenging of a field this is, but that it’s not impossible and that they can do it. It’s always good for others to get a perspective of things from those who have already walked the path they are about to walk.”

Current ME student, Chris Dawkin, showing off his Mechatronics project to attendees.

To get a feel for the hands-on side of mechanical engineering, Mech Day attendees explored the ME labs. Tours were lead by ME Lab Support Engineers, Steve Johnson and Chris Garsha. After lunch with current ME students, attendees engaged in student project presentations to get a grasp of the hard work and skills needed to complete a project.

After student project presentations, attendees had the opportunity to sit in a classroom lecture. A variety of ME professors provided mini lectures on their favorite topics to shed light on the diverse nature of the major.

Associate professor, Dr. David Alciatore partook in the lectures and said, “It was so refreshing seeing the enthusiasm conveyed by both the students and their parents. It was also fun to interact with them.”

Toni-Lee Viney, Manager of ME Undergraduate Programs and Mech Day coordinator said, “You could feel the excitement and energy exude from our prospective student guests as they learned more about the program. We even had a parent share that they wished they could return to complete their degree all over again. This program really sells itself. Our job is to create an opportunity for students to engage with our community and realize the opportunities being a Mech Ram creates.”

When the day concluded, attendees had the opportunity to explore CSU’s campus and surrounding areas to get an idea for what Fort Collins as a whole has to offer; and finally, stay overnight in Fort Collins.

If you or a student you know is interested in our program, please join us for Mech Day 2018. Details will be available on our website next Fall.