Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering

David Dandy, Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Walter Scott Jr. College of Engineering, Colorado State University, November 4, 2019

David Dandy

Professor and Department Head, Chemical & Biological Engineering

Dr. David Dandy has been a member of the department faculty since 1992. In addition to his appointment in Chemical and Biological Engineering he holds a joint appointment in the School of Biomedical Engineering.

Prior to joining the department, Dr. Dandy spent four years as a Senior Staff Member in the Advanced Materials Department at Sandia National Laboratories, focusing on thermal and plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition (CVD) of thin films. Once at Colorado State University he transitioned that technology to develop a novel optical waveguide platform for biomarker detection. This research in the mid-2000s was the beginning of his major focus on point-of-need microfluidic diagnostic development.

Dr. Dandy is currently in his third term as the department head of Chemical and Biological Engineering. He represents the Walter Scott, Jr. College of Engineering on the Provost’s Council of Heads and Chairs, and he is the chair of the Provost’s Academic Master Plan Implementation Committee.

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Research Interests

Our research activities focus on the design, development, and implementation of micro-total analytical systems (μTAS).

Application areas include

  1. environmental monitoring of water quality,
  2. self-contained field portable devices for multiplexed pathogen detection and identification, 
  3. airborne sampling of virus and fungi, 
  4. biomarker sampling from organotypic tissue slices, and 
  5. improved trauma patient care between field and hospital.


  • B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of California, Davis
  • M.S. and Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Other appointments

  • School of Biomedical Engineering