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Dr. Christie Peebles – Associate Professor

Christie Peebles

Associate Professor, Chemical & Biological Engineering

Dr. Christie Peebles earned her B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Texas Tech University in 2002 and received her Ph.D. in Bioengineering from Rice University in 2008. 

While at Rice, Dr. Peebles worked on the metabolic engineering of the Madagascar periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus) to increase production of two important anti-cancer drugs, vinblastine and vincristine. 

Following her time at Rice, she spent a year of postdoctoral research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology working on biofuels production in E. coli and learning about library design and screening for tolerance phenotypes. 

Dr. Peebles joined the faculty of the department of Chemical and Biological Engineering at CSU in the Fall of 2009 as an assistant professor. She is also a faculty member in the Graduate Program in Cell and Molecular Biology since 2010 and in the School of Biomedical Engineering since 2011.

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Research Interests

At CSU, Dr. Peebles research is focused in the areas of synthetic biology, metabolic engineering, systems biology, and biosensors.  The central core technology of the lab is to apply genetic engineering principles to a wide array of biological based problems.

Areas of interest include biofuel and biochemical production, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical production, biobased sensors for small molecules and nucleotide presence, and phage biotechnology.

Her lab often works with non-model systems including cyanobacteria and plants. 


  • BS 2002 in chemical engineering at Texas Tech University, Lubbock TX;
  • PhD 2008 in bioengineering at Rice University, Houston, TX

Honors and Awards

  • George T. Abell Outstanding Teaching and Service Faculty Award 2016, CSU College of Engineering

Other appointments

  • Graduate Program in Cell and Molecular Biology
  • School of Biomedical Engineering