Electrical and Computer Engineering Senior Design Program

Senior Design is a two-semester experience for all students participating in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Program.

During last two semesters at CSU, students work on projects in different areas of engineering. All senior design teams interact with industry experts; some teams are interdisciplinary, some are serving the community (outreach type of projects), some have customers.

Projects are proposed by faculty, industry (different companies), non-engineering customers, or initiated by students.

On average, a couple of teams each year file patents related to their projects.

Our projects are in the areas of:
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Communications and Signal Processing
  • Computer Engineering
  • Controls and Robotics
  • Electric Power and Energy Systems
  • Electromagnetics and Remote Sensing
  • Laser, Optics and Applications
  • ECE in Biomedical Applications
  • ECE in Drone Technologies
  • ECE in Early Disease Detection
  • ECE in Education
  • ECE in Gaming
  • ECE in Mechanical Systems
  • ECE in Occupational Therapy
  • ECE in Self-Navigation and Electric Vehicles
  • ECE in Veterinary Medicine
  • ECE in Weather Sensing

To learn about different projects, visit each of the academic years below:

For more info about our Senior Design Program, contact Head of Senior Design, Olivera Notaros olivera@colostate.edu

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